I am a fifth-generation lawyer. I defined myself by that phrase. I was raised for it. It was in my bones through my genetic code. And I was successful. Until the day I knew that I was even more…

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My evolution into the energy of who I was born to be did not come crashing in like a siren. I am evolving. I am shifting into the powerful energy of who I am. Energy works like that. It shifts… and it changes everything in its wake.

At first, I sought out opportunities to help and heal my community in my law practice. Helping clients led to Lexlee’s Kids, a non profit devoted to injury prevention of children. Lexlee’s Kids’ safety initiative propelled me further into a healing role. It was a good fit as it was born from a case that tapped my passion for social change, and it literally changed lives. But my soul hungered for more.

I started meditating out of curiosity and a need for stress relief and grounding. I loved it. I meditated more. Before I knew it, I began shifting into a more intuitive place, and I literally got messages and direction on where to go next. I was led to people who could mentor me. They led me to answers. The answers fueled my curiosity, and my curiosity urged me on. My journey led to the discovery of the power of my authentic energy.  Each step of the way, I found teachers and resources that resonated with me in a place that I never even really knew existed. And my inner knowing grew.

Today, I am evolving into a deeper helping role by leading others to discover their own authenticity. I am still a lawyer but I have remembered that I am so much more.

I am a fifth-generation lawyer. I am an energy guru. I am a healer. I am a teacher. I am a guide. I am listening…

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