I am a fifth-generation lawyer. I defined myself by that phrase. I was raised for it. It was in my bones through my genetic code. And I was successful. Until the day I felt called to do something different…

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Ten years into a successful practice, I found myself in an ER with chest pains that I feared were a heart attack. Thankfully, it turned out that it was an anxiety attack, but no matter the source of the pain – my body was telling me something.

I had not been living – I had been surviving. BARELY surviving, to be more accurate.

While I had been seeing success and fulfillment in my work’s outcomes, it stopped there. My personal life was a mess. I was divorced, a workaholic, seeking anxiety medicine just to cope with running a law office, and also trying to juggle all the responsibilities of being a single mom.

It was the wakeup call I needed to put me on a better path: A path for answers. A path for fulfillment. A path to a better life.

One of the simplest, yet most impactful, steps I took on that path was to begin a meditation practice.

The results? To put it simply: Everything changed.

My stress levels began decreasing. I began to feel like I was the calm during any storm. I saw my life differently with the knowledge that my power and strength came from my mind and wasn’t dependent upon outside sources or stimuli.

And with those changes to my worldview came changes to my practice of law. It was more fulfilling. I was more present. I made a bigger impact – with both my clients and my staff.

As a result, my personal and financial happiness grew as well.

Seeing the power that I had harnessed from within myself from a meditation practice lit a fire in me to learn more. I began to study ancient practices from masters around the globe. I searched for ways to tap into the power of my mind for top productivity, deeper intuition, and inner wisdom.

Through this search, I’ve learned an important lesson that I now work to help other overwhelmed and stressed out lawyers:

The key to success is within my mind and there are simple, yet POWERFUL, methods to harness it that each and every one of us can employ.